By now, you’ve probably heard of a little South Korean drama called Squid Game, which is dominating Netflix Top 10 charts — as well as conversations & social truyền thông feeds — all over the world.

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Naturally, the show’s overwhelming success has turned its stars inkhổng lồ overnight sensations, with Lee Jung Jae, who was already a respected actor long before the series existed, being propelled to a whole new level of fame and popularity.

1 of 4 Lee Jung Jae plays Seong Gi Hun aka Player 456 in Squid trò chơi

Born inkhổng lồ a wealthy family of doctors and brewery owners, Jung Jae, 48, enjoyed a privileged childhood, but his family fell inkhổng lồ huge debts after his grandfather tried và failed to lớn run for congress four times.

As a result, he had khổng lồ drop out of school & started working at a café, where his good looks and height caught the attention of a designer.Jung Jae then began modelling and made his acting debut in 1993 drama Dinosaur Teacher.

In 1999, at age 26, he became the youngest person to lớn win Best Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for his role in City of the Rising Sun.

While he experienced a bit of a career slump in the late 2000s, a resurgence soon followed thanks khổng lồ projects like The Thieves, Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds, and Chief of Staff.

2 of 4 Jung Jae with his BFF Jung Woo Sung

Jung Jae’s doing pretty well in other areas of his life too.

Together with his best frikết thúc & fellow actor Jung Woo Sung, they founded their own management agency Artist Company & own a combined 45bil won (S$51.5mil) worth of real estate.

By the way, that’s almost as much as what the players stvà khổng lồ win in Squid Game (the cash prize is 45.6bil won, or S$52.2bil), so Jung Jae, who also reportedly has an annual income of NT$100mil (S$4.9mil), is definitely someone who doesn’t need khổng lồ go through those sadistic games khổng lồ get rich.

3 of 4 Who’s the lady in his life?

For those who are wondering if he’s single, sorry, Jung Jae is very much taken.

In 2015, he went public with his relationship with businesswoman Lyên ổn Se Ryung, who is the eldest daughter of the chairman of Korean food giant Daesang trọng Group.

Yup, this basically makes the 44-year-old a real-life chaebol (business conglomerate) heiress, not unlượt thích the uber-wealthy characters often depicted in K-dramas.

What’s more, Se Ryung used lớn be married to lớn Lee Jae Yong, the vice chairman of Samsung (which we’re pretty sure needs no introduction). They divorced in 2009 và have two children together.

As for Jung Jae, he famously dated actress Klặng Min Hee for three years before they split in 2006.

4 of 4 Things are still going well for Jung Jae and Se Ryung after over 6 years (Photo: Apple Daily)

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